Crack the code

crack the code

Can any one know how to crack this? I got this as a challenge. The code is: Explanations: One number is correct and is also correctly. 7 3 8 - Nothing is correct 8 7 0 - One Number is correct but wrong place. What is the Code? Share the puzzle with your family and friend and see who can crack. Below is a very interesting puzzle, you have to guess the code to unlock the lock:) From the five sentences, assuming they are all correct S1.


Can you Crack the Code? SOLUTION!

Crack the code - Betrug Oder

It may just be me This repeats what the other answers gave, and doesn't use spoilers. Subscribe Via Email Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates to your inbox. Shruti asks one of her colleagues to pick her from school. Answer With Explanation Answer: Hence the code is 0 4 2. Our final number cannot be 1, because 1 is in position 2 in our clue, but our clue states our number is wrongly placed. Nothing is correct S5: Extremely easy to follow. One number holland casino scheveningen correct and well placed S2: I started off with clue 4 nothing is correct. So far, we have our code to be 0XX. From S1 and S2, we can say 6 can not be the correct number as both statement contradicts. But there were better answers like this ,so didn't feel that I need to add anything .


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