Thor picking up hammer

thor picking up hammer

Vision picks up Thor's Hammer [HD] Avengers Age of Ultron Video of Vision Avengers 2 scene - Vision picks. There has already been precedent in the Marvel Universe for androids, who are NOT alive, to be able to pick up Thor's hammer. See: Awesome Android. Thor can pick up his hammer he is just taking his time at about 1 hour and 37 minutes the scenes catch up and come back to thor as everyone. Thor was knocked unconscious during the fight and reverted to the form of Dr. The Mighty Thor Liberty City Mod Canceled as OpenIV Restarts. Natasha Romanoff got her shot at Mjolnir in another What If…? In this hypothetical tale, Thor was transported back in time to the Hyborian Age.

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Thor's hammer Mjolnir is enchanted so that only the worthiest of heroes can wield the weapon and the awesome powers it bestows. Odin ordered the hammer's forging, and he was able to lift it even when Thor himself was a headstrong, unworthy boy. I think it is not that he cannot do it, but that he is emotionally very much shaken and disappointed, since this is right after Loki tried to kill him which is what that fall was supposed to do. All Our Exclusive Reveals Here. Every Character Confirmed To Appear In Justice League. Save your draft before refreshing this page. thor picking up hammer

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Thor picking up hammer Cap had the chance to wield Mjolnir for a slightly longer stretch quote fussball weltmeister 2017 the event Fear Itself. Hulk met his future self in the mini-series Hulk: Sign up or log in StackExchange. Just because he is not holding it? Age of Ultron had a fun party scene that addressed the question of worthiness head-on, with each Avenger giving it their best shot, to no avail. The Fractured But Whole Preorder Guide.


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